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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last Elementary Montessori Order

I just placed our final Montessori materials order - and couldn't believe what a struggle it was to reach the free shipping level! We had all else we needed!


One more year of lower elementary, 3 more years of upper elementary to come... and we have everything???

Ok, we'll still be purchasing and borrowing things along the way - items to correspond with interests, replacement chemicals and other supplies - but the Montessori-specific items are done.

Overall... elementary is no more expensive, Montessori-wise, than primary, perhaps cheaper (I'll look at actual numbers another day!) - and covers SIX years.

And the re-sale value canNOT be over-stated!
He was still sleeping in this photo,
but he reached out to me as I sat down next to him.
Those hands that were so tiny at birth.... 

This is a bittersweet day. It means a preparing for a closing of one area of life (browsing Montessori catalogs, determining what to make and what to buy and from whom), but it also means a true settling in. Settling in for the next 4 years. Settling into just BEing in elementary. Then on to adolescence.

Ok, scratch that last sentence. Just focus on this time. Right now. The moment we have - right now - together.

ETA: November 12: IT'S HERE!

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