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Is it possible that my son is beyond Montessori lower elementary already? Yes, indeed he has been beyond it for several months now, sitting firmly in Montessori upper elementary. All too soon, it will be time for adolescence.

We utilize AMI philosophy and albums thus the line between lower elementary and upper elementary is blurred - or basically doesn't exist. For our purposes here, I am going with Legoboy's 9th birthday. Since we homeschool, he doesn't have to wait until a particular point in time to move to a different classroom. We just keep right on moving along ;)

I will have posts listed here soon with some of our specifically Montessori lower elementary homeschooling posts; please note that you can find more posts on particular topics by clicking on the tags at the bottom of each post. Some Montessori Trails posts won't be found on any of these age-category pages, because they are somewhat generic - or because the lists get long.

I invite questions and feedback on any of the posts - of any age.

Thank you all for following along with us these past couple of years! I hope you'll stay with us for the upcoming years!

Soon to be Updated with Links by Legoboy

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