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Monday, September 30, 2013

Improving Spelling Skills

An example of using a strength to overcome a weakness: 

Legoboy has just not been a strong speller. I think he would have been fine if he had not been thwarted in his skill development when he was younger (see this previous post)

Once he believed he could read, he has been a very strong reader - we just need to work on pronunciation here and there. Spelling has been a steep uphill battle. I have almost caved at various times into purchasing a spelling curriculum or program - several Montessori bloggers share their successes with a few. But it didn't sit right with our style - we use some curricula for a few things, modified; but I didn't feel right forking out money for a spelling program when we have the necessary tools right here with the Montessori materials and online spelling games (of which he played quite a few for a few months)

But he's not been a good speller, despite the Montessori materials and methods used and even the online spelling games - it just not clicking with him - and he highly detests my method of helping him (I say the word very slowly so he hears all the sounds; and won't give him the actual correct spelling until he gives me an honest attempt at it - which he also doesn't like to do). 

For the record, I feel that Montessori has all the tools necessary when done in its fullness - but some children just don't connect, even with the keys (thus giving them something that is not the keys won't work either). Other programs CAN work and DO work, especially in connection with Montessori, but I don't think they would have meshed well here at all. 

So we've plugged along. 

One day, he figured it out - all on his own. He started doing this: 

trying to spell the words 'when' and 'watch' 

He wrote out the words in various attempts at spelling them, then he read it to himself to see if it looked right. Knowing he has advanced reading skills, he put those skills to work for his deficit in spelling. 

So he wrote "wen" - and it didn't read right. So he wrote "when" (remembering that some w-words have wh) - that one was fine. 

Then he wrote "whath" to come up with "watch" - he immediately realized that the h needed to be dropped; he tested a sound for the vowel-sound in the middle (oa he wrote) and that wasn't right. 
Then he got the wath - before realizing it needed that c in there to change from /th/ to /tch/. 

All this so he could ask me, via a note, "When can I watch Once Upon a Time with you? And can I have a peanut butter cup?"

And I tell you what: he's not mis-spelled those words since! 

A "follow the child, observe, respond, observe" SUCCESS! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Geography - Work of Air

Legoboy is humoring me in another run-through of the earlier geography work he did ages ago - now that we have new tools, I want new photographs and to test what I hope is our final edits on the albums... Ok, so it's really to get some good solid review in, but shshshsh! don't tell this upper elementary child that! He thinks he is helping me out ;)

The flask is NOT empty! And air can hold up water! 

I love Partylite candles - they burn at a low temp.
Don't use Partylite candles for this demonstration. Guess why!
Use a tealight that burns a bit hotter ;) 

I kept the flame here because the smoke didn't show up well in the photo.
See how the flame is pulled into the tube?
Use the smoke with your children, not the flame.
Can you guess what happened as I took this photo? ;)