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Friday, September 27, 2013

Geography - Work of Air

Legoboy is humoring me in another run-through of the earlier geography work he did ages ago - now that we have new tools, I want new photographs and to test what I hope is our final edits on the albums... Ok, so it's really to get some good solid review in, but shshshsh! don't tell this upper elementary child that! He thinks he is helping me out ;)

The flask is NOT empty! And air can hold up water! 

I love Partylite candles - they burn at a low temp.
Don't use Partylite candles for this demonstration. Guess why!
Use a tealight that burns a bit hotter ;) 

I kept the flame here because the smoke didn't show up well in the photo.
See how the flame is pulled into the tube?
Use the smoke with your children, not the flame.
Can you guess what happened as I took this photo? ;) 

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