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Used Materials for Sale

Montessori and OTHER for sale:
Legoboy is raising money for his tae-kwon-do black belt test so is offering some of his old books, stuff he has duplicates of and two of my own books. Prices include domestic US shipping, others please inquire; subtract a dollar for each extra item purchased (to combine shipping). Prices are somewhat negotiable, but he is a 10 year old paying his own way through tae-kwon-do ;)  

  • The entire set of Chronicles of Narnia (not all are pictured, but all will be included). These are WELL-LOVED (he has multiple copies of this set, the ONLY reason he is parting with ONE set), but all pages are intact. $15
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (this is an old printing, back cover is worn) $4
  • The Return of Sherlock Holmes - hardcover - VERY GOOD condition. $10
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - very good condition - $4
  • The Jungle Book 2 - very good condition $5 - includes both Jungle Book 1 AND Jungle Book 2
  • Doctrines of the Great Educators - hardcover - includes Montessori among others. $8
  • Personalities and Problems (history) - $4

Montessori wooden fraction stands or metal inset stands - photo shows the top of one and the underside of the 2nd in each set. Prices DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. Please calculate your own shipping on these. 47060 is the origin zip; shipping weight is 3 pounds 3 ounces with box; shipping length is 30 inches by 6 inches by 3 inches.
  • green set has one perfect board; and one with a missing leg and a loose leg --- $15
  • the plain wood set is totally good ---- $20

Fraction insets - as shown in the photograph, with some knobs missing; all frames have at least one piece missing. Perhaps the frames could be used for something? Turn into the protractor? These are heavy, but I can shipping in a medium flat rate box. Price does NOT include shipping. Even flat rate changes if you are domestic or international.

Variety Bag - anything that includes shipping is domestic shipping, inquire if you are international or Alaska/Hawaii:

  • vacuum bags - HOOVER type A (I purchased a bagless a year ago); the yellow package is allergen controlling ones. Three bags total (2 allergen-controlling; 1 normal). Asking $7 with shipping.
  • art-pac 2 - $7 with shipping included
  • plastic fraction pieces - $5 shipping included
  • I Love Math Cd-Rom game - $4 shipping included
  • toddler boys bike helmet - never used; only opened and stored in normal household conditions - asking $10 to include shipping
  • wood, hand-cut, hand-sanded constructive triangles - some blues have been painted; needs to be finished. $30 includes shipping


  1. Hi Jessica,
    I found this part of your blog. I was Google searching etsy Montessori math and your blog post came up. If you have the time, I wanted to know about the non Montessori material boxes that was listed for 15 dollars. Did you come up with this? How does it tie into Montessori principles? If you didn't makes this materials, where did you get these materials? I sorry I am just very interested and courteous. :) Those red and blue tiles have myself thinking of Jerry Mortenson and Math U See which is developed combining Mortenson Math and Saxon Math. Jerry Mortenson, who is long deceased, was an AMI trained Montessori teacher who developed his own math and science curriculum. He trained under Maria and Mario Montessori in Italy. I am interested in hearing your response. :)

    1. The lady who bought them said they were indeed the old version of Mortenson math. I am glad to have them in a home they will be used. I was going to re-purpose most of the pieces if they didn't sell ;)

  2. We are new to homeschooling, trying to do Montessori. I have a 18 month old, 3 year old and 5 year old. We are doing K from MODG though with my 5 year old, with some Montessori "on the side". It was too hard to back track and try to re-teach the Montessori way for reading and math. We are trying Math U See though. Would I be able to use the GOGS stuff, with no training? :-)

  3. Very interested in your CGS Level 2 stuff! Still available? Shipping to 37205?