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Monday, October 29, 2012

Geometry Command Cards

Legoboy (new nickname for the blog ;) ) is working on the Geometry Command Cards, partially because he needs review on geometric concepts, partially because I need the materials checked before I offer them to others and partially so I can get some updated images to correct the incessantly annoying mathematics album files!

He is rushing through some of the work, but I thought I'd post some of it anyway :) 

Working on convergent and divergent lines: 

Reviewing the concept with the geometry sticks

parallel - the children are
neither happy nor sad
convergent - connecting of
paths - the children are SO happy!

divergent - paths are going two ways
the children are so sad!

Fast drawing the concept on paper
From a command card for "two lines"
note the opposite direction of the stick work
showing mastery of the concept in a different layout

ETA a link to the sample geometry command cards my son used above. These are also being added to the Keys of the Universe Geometry album, along with more advanced versions for older children. 

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