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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Music of the Orchestra - Maestro Classics

My son has had a fascination with the orchestra for many long months now. I've been a bit concerned about how to continue to support this interest without squelching, without making it my own and dictating every aspect, and still encouraging it with limited means. AND at an elementary age level (gone are the 3 part cards! although he will sometimes create 4 and 5 part cards as sets of card games!).

A few weeks ago, Homeschool Buyer's Co-op had a deal I couldn't turn down. My son has been saving up money to purchase more of the CDs at Maestro Classics, but other expenses have always gotten in the way and then we just couldn't decide which ones to get if purchasing individually.

And these things do NOT go on sale!

Well.... Homeschool Buyer's had them for 44% OFF the usual price if more than 50 people bought them. We signed up! Shipping was included (media mail shipping), $1.95 for HBC's administrative fee - and we have the most wonderful CDs for learning and appreciating orchestral music.

10 CDs! One is a duplicate but in Spanish - so 9 unique CDs!

Each CD comes with a little booklet with information on the instruments used on that CD, the composer, the conductor, a word search, another word game, synopsis of the story, music sample, music theory lesson, historical reference... all in one booklet!

Each CD has the full-length music of note (oh how I LOVE having full-length music!), along with sections on the life of the composer, something more about the music as well as patterns of the music and the moods it creates, "want to have some fun" section and more.

We have listened to several already - probably too much for one day in order to really "get" everything that is on each CD, but we just LOVE listening! And the patterns even in "Sorcerer's Apprentice" - I'd picked up on many of them they noted, but there were several new ones for me too! Very cool!

Now we are currently analyzing "The Story of Swan Lake". With an 8 year old boy to boot! LOVE it!

Thank you Montessori and thank you Homeschooling ;)

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