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Monday, November 12, 2012

Impressionistic Charts - Storage

Here is how the impressionistic charts were stored at the elementary training center I attended, as well as in all of the first elementary schools I was in that I actually recall see the charts in use (some schools I subbed for a short times and the charts were not in use on those days). I have since been in schools that have different organization, from keeping them near their corresponding subject areas, to laying flat on shelves - I personally prefer the storage showed in the first two photos here.

Please note that these two images are from a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium within a Montessori school - they created their song charts and typology charts the same size as the impressionistic charts from the elementary classrooms, thus they chose a similar storage system.
(note 2: the typology charts have now been replaced by the typology timelines - for more information on this aspect, please see Seeking the Plan of God.)

large boards the same size or just
slightly larger than charts - with tabs
the bottom on this one is tipped inward -
this allows the charts to lean properly
without curving; ones with straight sides
in front and back are less efficient.
Wheels on the bottom allow it to be
moved around. 

In my co-op last year, I started to make something similar to above, but time got away from me and Joann's Fabric Store was closing - I picked up several of their fabric shelving units for $5 a piece. 

I nailed 2 large boards across the front
 and removed all shelves. I added
tabbed boards after this photo was taken.
The timelines are in a small tray at the
bottom so they stay upright. 
showing the top-most shelf which held
various supplies for use with the charts
and timelines. 

Finally, here is how we are storing various timelines in the level 3 atrium, that could be modified for some of the timelines in the elementary Montessori:

See the basket to the very far right -
some of our timelines are rolled up inside of it.
Some small timelines belong in the basket on the
3rd shelf down, next to a basket of rocks to hold
down the edges of the timelines. 

UPDATED to add a better photo of that basket. 

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