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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Montessori beyond Elementary

Are there Montessori options past Elementary?


And my son is creeping on 11.



Ok, stepping off the nostalgia box.... Or... trying....

As far as resources go - there is very little directly related to adolescence (the third plane of development).

But the elementary Montessori theory album contains some information the third plane of development - and the concepts of Cosmic Education continue into adolescence.

The elementary Montessori theory album, along with adolescent readings (mostly lectures from Maria Montessori) sold via NAMTA provide a few key points (with lots more details):

  • cosmic education continues
  • personal vocation (personal place in the cosmos) is coming into focus - so we want to hone in on finalizing personal skills such as the following: 
  • personal economics
  • small business economics
  • hospitality (the adolescent practical life)
  • essentially: time to practice those skills that will allow the adolescent to live independently as an adult, long before that independence is entirely necessary (lots of practice time)
  • Now that those essentials are out of the way, the adolescent is freed in the final years of adolescence (ages 15-18) to explore his options for personal vocation: goals in life, mission, etc. 

So resources to DO all that? 

NAMTA is offering an adolescence "algebra" album - actually covers a LOT more than algebra. ;)
(this album is the one exception to my "no materials" comment below)

Otherwise, it is ENTIRELY necessary to follow the child. There are no specific materials to learn, which is both GREAT and scary at the same time (those materials become comfort zones for us - what do you mean "NO materials!?")

So - look at what your child needs in various areas to accomplish the tasks of personal economics, small business economics, and hospitality. Fill in those areas with resources that serve YOUR child.

Our ideas to come ;)


  1. I know the early adolescence period is one of more limited "academic" progress. But, do we still pursue academics other than that related to personal finance and econ? Just follow the child's interests? There's a parallel with the primary age plane, right? There's still a lot of academic work in that plane, for sure. My eldest is 8.5, and I've been starting to think about the post-elementary years....just so it doesn't catch me quite so off guard! :)

    1. When we consider what all they explored at the elementary age, the hope is that we can rest assured the children have a solid foundation in history, geography, life science and physical science. As well as a solid foundation in seeking answers to questions and problems. How to study, how to learn.

      The math album sold by NAMTA has all the maths needed for ages 12-15.

      Sciences are included in the practical life application through biology (growing food, raising animals, etc.), physical sciences (building structures, working with electricity and other experiences to fulfill projects and interests), etc.

      I am putting together resources and outlines on the KotU discussion community - I need to prepared too ;)

  2. Thank you for sharing the information, Jessica. I tried to get onto the NAMTA website to take a look at the math album and their site must be down right now. I'm very interested in the album, since we are in that age range NOW. Can't believe it myself, and it is a little frightening to think no materials. But my son is naturally moving in that direction and has been for a while.

    1. I hope they get it back up and running soon - NAMTA also has all the Journals that include information/helps for the adolescent and high school age.