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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Keys of the World and Keys of the Universe Albums - on Sale - First time EVER - probably ONLY time

Ok, I did it. I put them on sale. I am still in shock, actually ;)

There were several people who were on the fence and their children could really use these albums, so I did it to help out those families.
Sale is now over, but see comment response below.
Garden of Francis

Keys of the World

Keys of the World album sample
This pdf includes all 5 albums: Theory, Exercises of Practical Life, Language, Sensorial and Mathematics. Looking it over you will see that Geography and Science are included in the appropriate Language and Sensorial sections, Art is in Exercises of Practical Life. Remaining cultural is likewise interspersed.

What is upcoming to be added?

  • Sensorial explorations of astronomy. This is oft-requested and the AMI albums haven't had anything "official." 
  • Homeschooling realities: not "supplements", not "adaptations" but what does Montessori at home look like when school IS at home - for the primary age child (ages 3-6). 
  • Downloadable materials to correspond with each and every appropriate lesson (some free with the online support; some paid (online support participants have a 75% off coupon code))
Additional resources: 
  • Intervals for the presentations - general ones are posted at Montessori Nuggets; detailed ones are posted with the Online Support (paid access only)

Keys of the Universe

These pdf files include the following albums: Theory, Art, Biology, Geography, Geometry, History, Language Arts, Mathematics and Music. 

What is upcoming to be added? 
  • Keys for exploring Astronomy
Additional Resources: 
  • Linking Montessori to various resources such as the following - with generic ones available free online and detailed ones available with the Online Support: 
    • Life of Fred
    • Ed Zaccarro's Challenge Math series
    • Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding by Dr. Bernard Nebel
Questions about Keys of the Universe Course versus Albums/Online Support: 
  • The Course includes all the albums and all online support, available indefinitely; the assignments are optional but can be helpful in getting organized. If a certificate is desired, an additional $50 fee is required. 
  • The Course is the cheapest way to go if you want all albums and online support for all subjects. 

Printing the Albums: 
You can order them in printed format from me, but honestly it is cheaper to upload the purchased pdfs to a site such as Best Value Copy and order the print-outs. I highly suggest a D-ring binder if you order them unbound. 

Or many people are going entirely digital via PC, Ipads, etc. 


  1. Hi Jessica, I could not find the sales price of the albums anywhere in this post. I need to know how much for the KotU.

    Thank you for doing this! Blessings.

    1. Carolina, the sale is over now. The albums were 15% off and the course (all albums and all online support) 10% off. They are still really great prices for what you'd receive - and it is highly likely prices will be increasing soon. I am hesitant to do that, but I am adding a lot more so the value continues to increase as well. :)