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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Geometry in Nature

Recently, Legoboy participated in a class at the local-ish museum called "Geometry in Nature". Not a homeschool thing - this was on a Saturday so any children could come. 

I had this awesome post up - almost ready to go - went to edit just a TINY bit - and the whole thing was lost. That has never happened before and I was NOT happy. So 5 months later, here is what I was able to salvage. I didn't feel like (and still don't feel like) re-doing it all :( 

They mostly focused on Fibonacci and on fractals. 

The whole day led to lots of follow-up work and discussions. 

Alleged fractals in painting: 

Which calls to mind our awesome hallways: Elsa's Frozen palace!!!

Waiting for the other kids to arrive - he was the only one there ON TIME. Hm. 

Image of the swirl

Later we enjoyed this website: 
Fibonacci Numbers and Nature

Google these phrases!!!!

  • swirl in pinecone
  • swirl in pineapple
  • Fibonacci sequence image

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