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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wednesday - and done with the WEEK!?

(I am typing this on a Wednesday)

Legoboy woke up this morning to check his work plan before getting some breakfast. He discovered that despite our busy days Mondays/Tuesdays, and other than the daily practice stuff, he is actually done with the work plan for this week.

He has some choices -
  • we could go over things and see where to go deeper with work, adding a bit here and there to maintain and/or grow throughout the week
  • blow off the rest of the week and just play with Legos (aka live in  heaven for a week)
  • re-write a new work plan for the rest of the week
  • hire himself out to Garden of Francis for the rest of the week and finish earning money towards this next tae-kwon-do belt test
recognize it? ;) He's been making all
sorts of things out of Legos lately.
Montessori things
Well, Mama has stitches in her finger and lots of orders to still work on - SO. He has committed to reviewing math every day (via Life of Fred elementary series and the Fractions book), and hiring himself out. With some Legos on breaks. 

And he had one last request: listen to more of the Maestro Classics CDs. He is studying them one at a time, just listening for now and making lists of project ideas he has on each one. He would later like to do a day for each CD to just work on his chosen projects - down the road a bit. Right now he says, "I'm just absorbing it."

Sounds good to me! Nice relaxing week - he earned it! 

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