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Monday, February 25, 2013

Hopping Around Washington DC

No, we're not on a Going Out, but how fun would that be?

I used to live outside of DC and this game would have been great to have on hand beforehand! It's a map of DC and you use tokens and coin stacks to move around the board, putting your people into the White House, Congress and Supreme Court, with LOTS and lots of variations.

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Legoboy found this game at Half Price Books early in a week, and by the middle of the week he was connecting the locations with various we've studied in our US History studies. Though we are moving very slowly through that study, he has been paying attention to things such as President's Day, MLK Jr Day, presidents on money and the like. So as we study the eras that cover the people associated with the buildings as well as the buildings themselves, he'll already have some familiarity. 

And it was great fuel for discussion on how the Library of Congress is NOT *the* Congress - and how the LoC organizes books, their purpose, etc. 

Each round of the game goes relatively quick - and contrary to the one reviewer on Amazon, you don't hover around the White House - you've got to get guys in congress and the supreme court too. And you can pretty quickly move to the advanced game, which is definitely advanced! Creating bills, trying to get them passed, changing the rules of the game, etc. A bit like government that way ;) 

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