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Saturday, June 2, 2012

School Shopping!

School shopping season is coming up (at least in the US and Canada) and I thought I would put together a list for what items to be on the lookout for when you're stocking up:

Target Dollar Rack possibilities:
  • miniature globes (for primary Montessori, get 3-6: sandpaper (land and water), continents, political, climates, oceans (you may want a larger one for the oceans), and a 6th topic I can't think of right now)
  • flashcards - buy at least 2 copies of each; 2 sets creates 3-part cards with a control set and a cut set; 1 set creates flashcard games and/or classifying by type; 2 sets uncut could be matching games; 2 sets with one cut or uncut could be mounted onto cardstock and made into a booklet; you could overlap some of these ideas. 
  • Flashcards for elementary - animals and plant images can be used for classification rather than hunting down and printing images or using magazines to cut up - usually one set is sufficient, unless you want to have a separate set for the information on them; or a third set so you have 2 to make a booklet and  a third set for the classification. 
  • Small writing notebooks if they carry them this year

Any Back to School specials: 
  • quadrille paper - either loose-leaf or in bound books - used for almost any subject in elementary (we prefer loose-leaf to create our own notebooks via binders or other binding)
  • spiral notebooks for taking notes of various sorts - single subject: stock up on a lot; 3 or 5 subject, smaller quantity, but they will be used too (perhaps the whole notebook is on Ancient Egypt with each of the 5 sections being a particular theme)
  • pack of loose-leaf notebook paper: wide-rule for primary and college rule for older elementary
  • package of large erasers - the ones on pencils just aren't enough and the ones you add to the pencils have too much waste
  • decent colored pencils in the basic colors (you might have a family set for everyone, but everyone should have their own set of basic-basic colors - prismacolor are my favorite)
  • pencil pouch (better a thinner pouch than a large box - easier to transport when needed) - holds the eraser, a couple of pencils, a good sharpener (all metal is best), set of basic colored pencils, and perhaps a tiny notepad, you might have a pen in here too
  • tiny notepads - they usually come in 3 packs and they are small - they are great for field notes, quick notes, short lists, and just anything that would otherwise waste a large sheet of paper -- easy to transport in a pencil pouch ;) 
  • lunch bag and drink bottle - even homeschooled children can use a lunch bag and bottle for outings, trips, picnics, etc. And this is the best time to buy them. 

NOTE: For the most part, assignment books are the not best equipped to handle an elementary child's work plan or work contract; but if you find one that does work, post a link or image here!



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