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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pollinator Week - Biology

Pollinator week is June 18-24 and we'll be doing what we can at our home. How about you?

We'll be continuing our balcony garden, as well as the gardening at our friend's home; and we'll be on a "Pollinator Hunt" all week to see what we discover. My son also wants to do some research to see what plants and insects/animals go together for pollination purposes.

He has already started our list for when we move into a house - he knows which plants he wants in order to attract certain butterflies for example ; )

Kids Discover
This great article has a list of resources for more information, as well as activities and background information.

When planning your pollinator-friendly garden, choose native plants whenever possible. The Pollinator Partnership has a native plant guide ( that tailors recommendations to your region. Plant a variety of species that will flower successively over the entire growing season.

Who Pollinates?
Lentils – bees and insects
Artichoke – bees
Figs – wasps
Honey – bees
Eggplant – bees
Onions – bees and flies
Garlic – bees and flies
Sesame Seed – bees, flies, wasps
Chili Peppers – bees
Sweet Potatoes – bees
Yellow Potatoes – bees
Garbanzo Beans – bees
Herbs – bees
Lettuce – bees and insects
Grapefruit – bees
Currant – bees
Avocados – bee, flies, and bats
Tomatoes – bees
Spinach – insects
Almonds – bees
Lemons – bees
Sugar Cane – bees
Cocoa – flies
Cherries – bees
Bananas – birds, bats
Vanilla – bees
Raspberries – bees
Strawberries – bees
Coffee – bees and flies
Tea – bees, insects, and flies
Cranberries – bees
Apples – bees
Tequila – bats
Oranges – bees

Find out more at Kids Discover 


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