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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adolescent Montessori - Homeschool - Can it be DONE!?

I have fielded more than a few questions on this topic.

The short answer is YES.

The long answer involves a lot of discussional points with those who say "No" and have extremely valid points.

Now, I do not personally have any training or orientation for the adolescent age. NAMTA and AMI are now offering an Orientation to Adolescents course that is great time-wise, but it is frankly more expensive per day than primary and elementary AMI training combined.

And they don't even "have all the answers." It's not a full training - the MES Fund does not consider it a training for scholarship purposes. It is simply an orientation. And it is geared for a group setting (which I am ok studying and practicing, then adapting for homeschool purposes).

It sounds LOVELY anyhow, but I cannot afford to attend :( I need to finish paying off primary and elementary first!

In the meantime, I have started consolidating all of the resources provided in both primary and elementary, along with the required reading list for the Orientation and other resources.

I am putting together a small online discussion group specifically for this age, with reading assignments on a suggested schedule, discussion topics and sharing of ideas and resources. Everything will be from a homeschool perspective.

If you are part of our Keys of the Universe discussion board, you are already in! I will begin the official group June 21 in the adolescent section and Keys of the Universe participants have full access as part of their regular participation.

If you are not part of the Keys of the Universe discussion board, join us here:
Keys of the Universe Individual Album Support - Adolescent Montessori Discussion Group Access
One-time payment; life-time participation

We will begin June 21 in earnest; but anyone can join at any time.

The ideal participant:

  • you have a child age 10-16 right now, with or without elementary Montessori experience
  • you have an older child and would like to contribute from that perspective
  • you have Montessori adolescent experience
  • you have extensive other experience working with the adolescent group and you are familiar with Montessori principles; and want to apply those principles to the adolescent group
Anyone with any age child can be participate, but the earliest stages will be better suited for someone in the field right now or very soon; or who has been there and can provide some insight. 

If you are looking for something totally put together with all the answers handed to you - we're not there yet! This initial group is for those who want to explore and share, together. 

Goals - Main Topics:
  • establish foundation of understanding of the adolescent age
  • including their needs, tendencies; how to meet them
  • difference between societal expectations and reality of needs and tendencies
  • What if we provide all that Montessori suggested? What will happen?
  • Compare our own experiences and work through personal barriers. 
  • Establish the universal principles of an adolescent Montessori homeschool
  • Lend support to filling in the specifics for each individual home
  • Establish collection of resources for use by homeschooling families for this age

Already part of Keys of the Universe: no cost
Join separate from Keys of the Universe: $15 - permanent access


  1. Jessica,
    How much is it to join?
    thank you!

  2. Allison,

    Those not in Keys of the Universe already: $15

    Thank you for asking :) I've clarified that above as well.