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Monday, February 3, 2014

Adolescent Algebra-Plus Album

I just bought this with part of my subbing income:

It will arrive in a couple of days.

I'll let you know my follow-up thoughts after this coming weekend.

My initial thoughts based on TOC and several samples:
I like it. It seems to follow quite well on the AMI elementary mathematics album; a 12-13 year old could finish up the end of the AMI elementary album as needed, then move into this album.

I'm not sure there are many illustrations though. I have been able to follow the samples based on my knowledge and experience with the AMI elementary mathematics album.
UPDATE: Plenty of illustrations! Woohoo!

More thoughts to come. Curl up with some warm peppermint tea and my favorite blanket in my cozy chair that I've not seen for a few months now (it's buried - time to resurrect it!).

(for the record, my final thoughts won't be for a few years yet - not until my son finishes it - and he's only just about to be 10 - so it will be a while ;) ).

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