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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Primary albums in our family

The primary albums I used for my son were my AMI primary albums in exercises of practical life, sensorial, language and mathematics. All the other subjects were interspersed into appropriate places therein (ie art was spread out, music, geography, botany, zoology - all was spread out in the appropriate subjects).

I am slowly adding these albums for sale at Keys of the World. While I found them complete in themselves, many people may like to use other albums available online for supplementing for interested children or just for another perspective.

While I am entirely sold on pure AMI for elementary, I feel there is more flexibility with the primary years. As long as the same topics are covered; a child is neither forced ahead and intentionally held back, most of the primary albums available are wonderful options. I'm just throwing my own into the mix for a good AMI balance. I will not be specifically providing online support for the primary albums, however most people reading this blog know that I am more than happy to be of service privately or at any of the online groups where we meet :)

TIP: No matter what albums you use, start with the theory album - at the appropriate level. It's the nitty-gritty and allows you to utilize ANY album in the proper manner. It's where the "real Montessori" is.

UPDATE: I have primary and elementary theory albums, as well as the elementary Biology album posted at Keys of the World. Online access and online support are available for the elementary albums at Keys of the Universe Course Access Site.

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