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Saturday, July 25, 2015


Bragging ;) 
This isn't everything - just a TINY smapling ;) 

White Belt: 

Just got his uniform - he'd been in a few weeks by this time.

Yellow Stripe:

Showing off for Grandma and Papa

Getting ready for the yellow belt test


He got it! 

Two of the trophies he earned in tournaments around this time. 


Innocent looks. I wonder.... ;) 

The night he got his green belt -
allowing him access to STORM team. 

only Junior STORM member for a few months

practicing for the upcoming Christmas party skit by the STORM team

I am telling you -
they are NOT so innocent. 

New belt

Helping with Little Kickers

Leading portions of the full class. 

Helping with belt tests for lower ranks. 

Sparring at a tournament

1st place in weapons forms!!!

Getting a trophy at tournament!

Helping with Little Kickers class. 


Another Master tested him this time. 

NOTHING but trouble 

Both of them! 

Helping with classes. 


Red belt! 

Another Master in our school. 


Brown with Black Stripe:

Never a serious picture - even for pretend!


They worked HARD leading up to this one. 

And it's not over.


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