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Monday, February 16, 2015

Vermi-Composting Part 2 - Building the new Bins

The worms are doing quite well! 

One little friend in the corner. 

Another from the other side. 

What caption would fit here? 

With the drill bit, he could do 3 at a time, so he stacked a 4th underneath
to ensure he didn't into the material below. 

He acts like he doesn't want to drill. So I said, "Oh just plug it in!"
"Just line it up here."
"Just squeeze the power button."

Amazing how powerful the word "just" can be ;) 

In the meantime, I was tracing, cutting and sanding 2 inch wide
strips for the frames to hold plastic sheets over the basement windows. 

Working totally independently now. 

Pretending to sand the rough edges (and tunnels from the melted portions!)

Authentic sanding

Bin #1 (the original - transferred into the new deeper, now drilled bin)
The bottom bin received no holes so it can catch the worm tea. 

The second one - a deeper bin with the drilled holes
placed in the original bin to catch the worm tea.
I moved about half the worms to this one. 

The second one I made more full by adding the rest of our fruit/veggies scraps that has been sitting in our garage and some soil from a dead plant and some more dry stuff. This one I will leave sit, removing the lid each day for a time, until it is almost fully composted; then we'll place the next bin on top of it (placing the lid on top of the new bin) so the worms can crawl up through the bottom holes, leaving the completed compost behind. When the worms are fully migrated, we'll take that finished bin out of the stack and use the compost!

Everything I read talks about that worm tea. And all the good worm compost bins I could have paid $65 or more for include a spigot in the bottom portion to drain the tea. I wonder how LONG it takes to get any?

I caught him peeking in on the worms earlier today - he claims he thinks they are creepy now that we have them and he throws a dramatic "AAAH!!!!" every time he sees them and I am around. Without an audience though? Well, I'll see if I can catch him in the act!


  1. This looks great, and pretty easy. We might have try this!

    1. It IS easy! I have seen first plane children have these but it didn't work out for our living situation until now - better late than never! :)