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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Montessori Homeschool Week - February - Work Plan

Just for kicks, I am hoping to blog this whole week about Legoboy's homeschooling experiences - all Montessori (though if I didn't mention that, many people would think we were either unschooling or doing some other "curriculum". Why? Because Montessori is not about the materials in and of themselves, but about the child's needs and interests, both expressed and unexpressed - needs met through key presentations given by the adult and further research and exploration on the part of the child.)

Work plan for the week: 
  • Study something from his "herbal jumpdrive" (we have finished up some projects/studies and he has a few resources he still wants to explore - this one is left open-ended)
  • Continue editing images from Wall of Fame (Mystery of History - he is creating digital designs for each story that he wants to have printed into a book)
  • Watch 2 Apologetics course sessions (he is continuing with a middle school apologetics course he started this past December --- currently doing the Recorded Classes with all assignments with Homeschool Connections)
  • Daily work on his Confirmation notebook - meeting with his sponsor on Thursday to go over what is done up to that point. 
  • Review decimal fractions multiplication on the checkerboard. He had fun last week helping me create freshened images for this work, that he wants to "play with it" a bit this week. 
  • Three chapters in Primary Grade Challenge Math (he has been putzing slowly with this book - he prefers to have me listen to him doing all the math orally while he writes some of it down. He needs that communal aspect, but I am not always available; so he adjust his plans accordingly). 
  • Finish Consecration in Truth review: levels 2 and 3. He started this way back when, now he wants to keep going with it because "Lent is coming" and he wants to freshen up on things. 
  • EEME Project 3 should be arriving this week. Our review post on EEME
  • Practice piano daily
  • Select other work as appropriate and interested. 
  • On the schedule - some he planned, some we planned together: 
    • Homeschool Monday class at the local museum: Seismology
    • Mummies of the World exhibition
    • Jerusalem OmniMax film before it ends on the 12th
    • Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs OmniMax film
    • Tae-kwon-do Monday and Wednesday evenings; Saturday morning
    • Swim lesson Tuesday evening
    • Additional swim practice when possible
    • Atrium Thursday afternoon
    • Mass: Tuesday morning, Thursday morning (had to choose between tae-kwon-do and Mass Wednesday evening - various reasons, he chose tae-kwon-do this time)
    • Speech Wednesday morning
    • Dentist appointment Wednesday afternoon
    • Meet with Confirmation sponsor after atrium Thursday
    • Celebrate Mama's birthday on Wednesday - and another day when we have actual "time"

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