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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Switching Roles: Who is Building Legos Now?

Ordinarily, I am the one working on the computer, with the sewing machine, on the scroll saw, etc - all the "electronics", while Legoboy builds with Legos. 

One day, we switched places! His new EEME kit had arrived (we are on month 2: DIY Display). So he had the computer with the internet to watch the instructional videos. 
See our review post of EEME Kit 1 here

He bought me this with his LEGO VIP points! 
The Creator series set (it is a flower cart) wasn't an actual purchase. If one purchases more than $75 at the LEGO store or website, during the month of January, it is free.

Also, during the month of January, there was a promotion that for ANY Star Wars purchase in-store or online, you could receive a free Star Wars set (retail value $4.99). Well, we were in there the FIRST TUESDAY of the month and they were GONE. The employee said they'd only received 150 for the entire month's promotion. Wow! Lego usually has better planning than that - it's Star Wars! When they have Star Wars Lego Club meetings, they have to offer two in a month and they are still booked solid far in advance of the date.... You'd think they'd send each store more than 150! As a consolation, however, she offered my son an alternate package that actually has no name.

He gave ME the Flower Cart on the way home. What a sweetie!

The box has 3 birds; the first two birds have 2 bags each.
And I think Legoboy had put the Flower Cart set in here already too.
I LOVE the design on this box!
(I love the design OF the box - reclosable!)

Each bird has its own booklet - the first half is written in 3 languages
(Spanish, French, English)
and has a full page photo of the bird, along with information about each one.
There is also an informational page on the designer of this set. 

In the meantime, the resident Lego-obsessor is watching
some videos and building an LED digital display
using generic electronic components
that he can apply elsewhere in the future. 

Not sure which is cuter:
my aviary trio
or the Legoboy foot off to the left! 

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