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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Montessori Guide Cards - Mathematics and Geometry

Legoboy has been busy-busy-busy.

He is an awesome reviewer (read: nitty-picky, tedious, tough audience to please) - as he has combed through the mathematics guide cards I have been developing while adding illustrations to, editing and clarifying points in the elementary Montessori mathematics album. One chapter at a time and it is getting done! Yay!

These guide cards are to be used for follow-up work. I moved away from calling them Montessori task cards or Montessori work cards as others have similar items listed... because these ones do NOT provide specific math problems to solve, instead focusing on "select several addition fraction problems to solve. Write them on your paper, use the materials to solve, and note your answers." Or "select several division problems with a zero in the middle of the 3-digit divisor". In this way, the child is still working on specific skills but is not limited by an outside authority.

There is so much flexibility with these cards - the adult can add a card with some sample problems (one of the fraction cards requires it, to keep the initial work within the scope of the material), add cards or notes to utilize specific pages in other resources; the child himself can add these ideas, or add questions to research, ideas for research, note favorite areas of study, etc. Legoboy has come up with some ideas - and my 3 adult reviewers have as well.

Geometry is done - as one complete file only (not divided by chapters).

Mathematics is half-done (through chapter 6) but those who purchase the entire set or the later chapters today, will receive them as I get my final reviews back from (darling!) Legoboy --- there is only so much he can do with some of it, because he is only just starting some of the later chapters, so this last part will go even quicker. By this time next week, all chapters will be done.

They print out with 2 cards on a page - cut in half - plenty of room for adding further ideas or illustrations as needed.

Legoboy really-really-really wants me to point out that an individual child could use these for recording SOME work (not bigger work and not items that need graph paper - but some work).

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Other subjects are upcoming! Geography, Music, Biology, Language, History

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