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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Material Making Mistakes - Mathematics

Just sharing one experience we had that I wish I had done differently from the beginning:

I purchased our decimal fraction material after using a cardstock version for a while, with makeshift pieces. The number cards that it came with the purchased material align with the columns perfectly.
I can't find the aligned photo off-hand - but here are the cards it came with. 

I hand-made ALL of our other number card material, including all of primary, the Bank Game (Bank Game is elementary; the "primary bank game" is called Change Game in AMI albums), and others.

Handmade Bank Game cards - with the white card coming from the primary material;
additional categories created to add on

For a portion of the work with the decimal fractions, we show how the whole numbers are flipped over, gain a decimal point, and become decimal fractions.

In addition, we sometimes use whole numbers with the decimals to show how it works on the board - most children move through that stage quickly, but even so it is nice to have those whole numbers actually align with the board.

Even most importantly for the first exercise - when we use those whole numbers they know, flip them around to become the decimals, then replace with the actual decimal cards, the numbers should align with the columns.

Mistake made??? - I didn't have any whole numbers that corresponded to the column size on the decimal fraction board.

If I could do it again, I would love to make at least one set of cards that correspond with the decimal fraction board, so that I save myself making a set of cards ;)

Our Bank Game material corresponds with our primary cards, so that I just "added on" rather than created a new set. This should work for most homeschools - but some (with several elementary and several primary might want two entirely separate sets). These cards are larger, but perhaps I could have made them narrower....

Then our wooden hierarchical material - I did ultimately re-create this number card set (for primary we used the number card material I already had, and added on the higher categories - elementary needs commas, so I did create new ones for that in order to keep the primary set comma-free for use with my co-op children). Since these have commas, they don't work for flipping over....

Or perhaps I just need to deal with un-aligned columns or make a new set.


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