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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mathematics Materials: A Photo Journey

I started two separate posts, but there is so much overlap here! The materials can be pricey or tricky to make at first, but, as noted, most of it goes for several years!

A photo journey of our primary mathematics materials:

Numbers 1-10 (the candle is for decoration, polishing,
and it makes a neat representative of the number 1 ;)
Basket underneath for golden bead collections.
Most of this material is JUST for primary.
(except the small bead frame!)

There is also a small bead frame- but if you know you are going to do elementary as well, get the large bead frame and use for both (that is what we did). The dot game is downloadable. Teens and tens boards can be made of paper and cardstock (that was ours!). The memorization charts can be downloaded.

A photo journey of both primary and elementary Montessori materials:

At-home multi-purpose use ;)
This material is used FOREVER in Montessori!
It is WORTH it to have every piece of it - do NOT skimp here. 
Mathematics mats - especially for primary
Circle fractions are for both primary AND elementary

Division with Racks and Tubes
Test Tube Division
Can be used in primary for short division
Elementary for short and long division
and the materials can be used SEVERAL other places as well
Golden bead material - 45 of each, 9 thousands
(only one non-AMI primary presentations needs
more than 9 thousands - and you can make those)

Decanomial bead bar box - we get away with one box
by adding a few bars of pony beads on colored pipe cleaners.
Primary and Elementary
AND you can use this material for SO MUCH - just pull from it what you need!
The stamp game, large bead frame - belong here. Also, get a negative snake game and you'll have all you need for all the snake games.

A photo journey of JUST elementary Montessori materials:
flat bead from for elementary only

Elementary: power of 2 cube
(power of 3 cube is NOT necessary)

Montessori Protractor - this one is 0 - 360
Another one goes 0 - 100
Both are necessary in some form. 
Fraction skittles for division.
Some albums have them in primary for another purpose.
They are intended for dividing fractions by fractions
at the elementary level. 

sample of squaring and cubing in elementary
all material comes from the bead cabinet

too pretty of a picture not to share!
all material comes from the bead cabinet

Decimal Checkerboard for multiplying decimal fractions (decimals)

There is more I have not yet pictured: the squaring and cubing material; the pegboards.

Mathematics is huge! The nice thing is that primary materials DO carry over; and there is a good deal of the elementary material that can be consolidated, or made of paper, cardstock, or other items around the house, along with a few basic purchases. Or is multi-purpose for both primary and elementary with slight modification.

While this area is the most intense, materials-wise, it is also the most efficacious of all the Montessori materials. It is worth every second and every penny! 


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