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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Montessori School Supply Lists

It is back to school time and my input is usually sought right about now, so I thought I'd time this post to coincide. Also see my other post on back-to-school deals that fit with Montessori.

Now, all of this is just my experience and/or intuition - please share your own ideas here too!

Every Montessori school, just like any other school, has varying capabilities to offer their children the supplies needed. Most children receive a "supply list" before school starts of the items they will need to provide. For as many Montessori schools are out there, you have as many supply lists!

Typical items might include the following:
(everything listed is presumed "if the school does not already provide")
  • lunch box/bag (for food from home); or dishes for communal lunch (if school provides food but not dishes); some sort of drink bottle, preferably re-usable
  • personal grooming items: comb/brush, toothbrush
  • outdoor supplies needed for your area and school environment
  • some school ask the children to bring a small plant to care for in the classroom during the year
  • indoor shoes or slippers
You might also consider: 
  • personal supply of sunscreen and/or bug repellant
  • wide-brimmed hat
  • seeds of choice to plant in classroom garden (indoor garden if you're in cold winter climates)
  • various donations towards classroom supplies (ie each child supplies a box of tissues, a ream of white paper, etc)

Most of the following is for elementary and adolescence, and presumes there is a classroom set of each item, as well as these individual items for quick access, and for use on Goings Out.
  • notebooks - spiral or glued binding: quadrille paper, wide-lined notebooks, 2-3 small notepads for quick notes on Goings Outs
  • pencil pouch
  • set of colored pencils
  • 2-3 writing pencils
  • good sharpener
  • good eraser
  • assignment book: NOTE - this is best designed by each school for their particular program, and provided to the children

You might also put out a general donation list to each of the parents to see if they have access to items you're not aware of yet. 
  • receipt tape
  • banner paper
  • newspaper ends
  • wood-working skills
  • other skills you'd like the children to learn/experience
  • left-over yarn and threads and needles
  • anything else in your classroom that you go through and use up
  • donation of time to cut papers, restock supplies, etc. 

And if you are a homeschooler? Check all of the above :) I have previously posted on Target dollar rack deals. If anyone again sees the miniature globes they put out a few years ago, please DO let me know! I want to stock up!

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