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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Home-made Montessori Videos - Elementary and Primary

I make videos to support those who are using the Keys of the World and the Keys of the Universe Montessori homeschool guides.

They are full-on real-life quality. I LOVE that!

We homeschool. And we believe in reality. We don't have a studio in our home, but we do have the following:
  • a child who has been Montessori homeschooled since he was born
  • visiting children who receive presentations on a routine basis
  • a natural living environment in which we provide the presentations and experiences
  • a desire to share our experiences, real and messy, with you in as an authentic manner as possible

The videos were never meant to be stand-alone instruction. Some people wanted videos they could show to their children in lieu of giving the presentations themselves. There are a few reasons this won't work well: 
  • Montessori experiences are about interactions within relationships; the sharing of knowledge while exploring together. While I am not opposed to watching videos for learning as my son uses such resources as Cover Story, One Year Adventure Novel, various art and geography related videos, it is important for the adult to also explore these materials as well, in order to best guide the child in his own explorations. Culture an attitude of exploration and discovery. 
  • Montessori training itself uses a similar model we have here: trainees watch the instructor provide the lesson to a sample student (another trainee or a group of trainees), while everyone else watches. Then the presentation is discussed from start to end (by "discussed" I mean, walked through it step by step) while taking notes and writing one's own album pages. 
    • I have long suggested watching the videos while reading through the album pages, then running through the materials oneself while watching the videos and looking at the album pages, tweaking where appropriate for your natural voice. Then present to the children. 
    • As homeschooling parents, we're not Montessori trainees; but because Montessori is rather detailed regarding the academic presentations, I feel the best approach is to get as close to training as possible without belaboring the point. 
  • There is discussion for some of the presentations and that conversation will vary depending on the child and the adult and their understanding and previous knowledge. Also, you should certainly ad lib in areas where the child is requesting more information, or allow the child to ad lib! 
  • The videos are not accurate presentations in time and space. The yardstick on the screen is not a yard long, it is screen size. Where I ask my son to bring cards for the Elementary Bank Game, I don't video him moving to the other side of the room and bringing them back. I do video where I see a thought-process taking place to show what they looks like from the outside, but once a procedure is down pat, those portions aren't included. If your child were to watch the video and try to follow along, there would be many starts and pauses which would detract from the presentation and the work itself. 
  • It is impossible to video everything that is contained in the albums. Much of it would be me just reading out loud. And yes audio-options are coming after the videos are made! This option will be available for the theory album and all the subject introductions. 

The videos are a learning tool for the adult to see the work in progress, to follow along with the album pages and to aid their own practice with the materials. We adults have so much to learn from these experiences as well! 

Above all else, I love feeling like I am speaking to YOU: a homeschool parent or a teacher in a school - speaking to you personally. Because I am. And I invite further discussion on the discussion community (online support). Let's chat! 

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