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Monday, March 28, 2016

Snake Game Videos!!!

Montessori Snake Game videos are now posted at Keys of the Universe. 

For the elementary negative snake game, see the usual place for videos - on the course site ( in Mathematics. For right now, the snake game is the only video in chapter 9 (the others will follow!).

For the addition snake game and the subtraction snake game, please see the discussion community itself - I have posted both videos in both the primary level section (where all the primary videos will be) and in the elementary section in a pinned post under mathematics. While this work is primarily for 5-6 year olds in the primary environment, some lower elementary children can still benefit from it, especially as a build-up to the elementary negative snake game.

There are no videos for the following snake games, because they are redundant - already included in the other snake games!!!

  • Negative Snake Game (that has 5 boxes)
  • Multiplication Snake Game (already included as a verification stage within the Addition Snake Game)

Some of our cutest snake game bloopers: 

Other videos and samples are being added at our family business's Vimeo page



Rolling the mat: 

Leaving Runescape: 

Awkward Box Lids: 

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