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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Tacklebox Montessori

Just a sampling of the tackleboxes used in our Montessori homeschooling...

Inspiration by Ms. Suzanne over at Livable Learning and Teaching from a Tacklebox.

As I go through each chapter of each elementary album, I am updating, refreshing, cleaning out and re-posting all of our materials - providing downloads of all that is possible, posting images of organizations, etc. I am really striving to streamline the process for Montessori elementary homeschoolers.

For the fun of it, here is some for everyone!

Retiring the old fractions box... It has served us well, but after 3 children sitting on it.... well, it was time for something that has a lid ;)
Plano 3750

The new one - with space for sample fraction problems.
If you make these pieces, please use red (the unit broken into pieces). NOT yellow ;) 

The box needed for the numeration chapter (early math). We call it a numbers/operations box. I would like to call it the Numeration Box because we have a separate box for the actual Operations chapter, but this one has the operation signs, fractions, decimals, etc.

Plano 3700

Operations Box

Holds the bank game, guides to create a child's own problems, stone for group division and more.
This is also a Plano 3700 

Not a tacklebox - but how we store our decimal system cards from primary - materials that are used into elementary and a bit into adolescence.

We also have a Plano 3500 for the Notation of Squares and Notation of Cubes.

And a Plano 3700 for our geography stamps.

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