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Thursday, August 6, 2015

REVIEW POST: The Montessori Index

This little publication has been out of stock on Montessori RD's website for a LONG time, but it is still available through Nienhuis. 

Now, it took a month from the time I placed the order to the time it was sent out (I had ordered plastic pin map flag pins with the book) and 2 days to be delivered super-fast by FedEx. 

The Montessori Index is 154 pages long. And it is just what it says - an index only. Wow! That's a detailed index!

Originally published in 1965 and updated in 1987.

Three pages listing the books included. There is a section on religion as well - just 3 (needs to be updated - does not include The Child in the Church, Religious Potential of the Child Volumes 1 and 2, among others)

41 editions of books written by Maria Montessori and 37 editions written about Montessori - there are some duplicate titles, being different publications or editions. 

Not included (this is a list off the top of my head - please let me know if there are other more recent publications!)
  • 1946 London Lectures
  • Psychogeometry

The list of books does not list publication dates but does list publisher and notes if there is an "old" edition. 

The Table of Contents is 29 pages long - just telling which page to find a particular entry on:

Then the entries are pretty detailed - including the abbreviation for the books mentioned and the page numbers (versus a chapter number).

The Montessori Index does reference an appendix that doesn't seem to be present - "publishers and sources for the books indexed, and additional books by and about Montessori and relsted subjects."

This is a book worth having on hand - I will be highlighting the books/editions I own and fill in the years of publication.


  1. Sweet! Sounds like a good find! I'd never heard of it but surely need it. I halve almost all her books and when someone asks me about something child related I always want to back up my response with Montessori's text but never remember what book I read it in. Lots of her books overlap in content so it gets confusing so fast! Anyway, thanks for one more thing to put on my wish list! :)

    On a side note, I have grammar brain right now from going through the filler box contents. As I reread my responses I see each part of speech standing out in my brain!!! That used to only happen to me when I'd study math at night. I'd wake up to my alarm clock thinking it was a problem I had to solve! I need a break from material making :).


    1. And after a while it all goes to mush for a while - until it really settles in ;)