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Friday, March 20, 2015

The Cost of Montessori Elementary Language - WORST CASE SCENARIO

My main caveat for the elementary Montessori language materials is that most of it has to either be made or purchased in packets that may or may not correspond with your albums/manuals.

For those using Keys of the Universe, many printables are available or will be available in the near future.

Language Elementary Montessori Materials - Click here for the full materials list and price comparison for IFIT, Alisons, what Keys provides

Alison’s: roughly $1200 if buy ALL (don’t buy all!) and some add-ons

IFIT: roughly $500 if buy all they have

Nobody has everything; much is printable from KotU or available at Garden of Francis – or purchase additional packets from Alison’s and change the presentations (less key-based though).

Literature books are not included (see enclosed lists)

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