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Friday, April 19, 2013

Legoboy's First Dictionary

As I wax nostalgic these last few weeks... my baby is in upper elementary!!!!! I thought I'd share this photo of him "reading" his first dictionary. It was actually a birthday present for me from my mother, and he had received a late Christmas gift (the barn in the background, that we still have today - 6 years later).

He is not quite 3 in this photo and he spent a good part of that day looking through it. It has very few (black and white images) and he mostly looked at the pages without images. Could he read it then? I figured then that he couldn't, but I look back now... and I wonder.

Several months before this incident, I walked into the living room to find him looking at a picture-less book, while lounging in the recliner. I quietly walked out to get the camera and snap a picture. I put the camera around the corner (so he wouldn't see me), and he had turned the book upside down, clearly giggling hysterically and trying so hard to hold it in.... at not quite 2 1/2 years old. How did he KNOW it was upside down and therefore FUNNY????

(By the by, he also enjoyed then and still does now, turning maps south-north orientation (instead of north-south); he turned globes upside down in their holder and drove the other children and various teachers over the years crazy... so he can work with things in different orientations).

Please note - we also didn't really do characters - he didn't even know what the symbol was on his pjs there - he just knew they were in his drawer, and I just know they were less than a dime at a garage sale! that's a budget-use for you!


  1. That is FUNNY :)

    My BIL taunted us the other day because we sent him photos of some drawings the boys did of Star Wars characters. My BIL likes Star Wars and the boys thought he would like them (and they turned out pretty cute). He taunted us and said "I thought you guys didn't DO that. I thought you guys didn't let them WATCH movies YOU think they are too young for." We didn't! They know what Star Wars is because the live in this world and are not dummies. The asked us to pull up images on the computer to draw the pictures.

    Me Too LOVES to read the little word study books I make sideways and upside down because he knows it bothers me. The other day I refused to react so he resorted to holding the book up to the light and reading the book through the wrong side of the page. So then it's not even backwards, it's like reflected. I guess this means he can read :)

    1. MBT - I didn't see your comment on this post until today! Huh.

      Your son's reading style sounds OH so familiar. And the amazing thing is - they really CAN read like that! Crazy kids! ;) I figure it gives them more reading practice, right? Have to try harder to "bend the rules" so it is still legitimate reading ;) (or whatever it takes to comfort me ;) hahaha)