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Our Infant Toddler homeschooling Montessori Trails:

More to be posted as I get through our older photos :)


Exercises of Practical Life in Infancy

Infancy: Home at Last

Infancy: Our Adaptations

Infants, Toddlers and Toothpicks

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Infants, Toddlers and Toothpicks

Toddler Montessori at Home

Infants and Toddlers at Home

Starting Montessori with a 2-Year -Old

Exercises of Practical Life in Our Home

Toddlerhood - Montessori Home Environment

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  1. Thank you for writing your blog! Have you read 'Montessori from the Start: the Child at Home from Birth to age Three' written by Paula Polk Lillard? This book is so helpful for parents who want to set up activities and a home environment according to Montessori principles! There is also a wonderful NAMTA video available (free) on Youtube called 'A Montessori Journal from the Start'. (The video is about the Montessori continuum from birth through early adolescence). All the best, Lynn

    1. Yes, I have. Most of what I did as a parent of an infant and toddler was based on that book.

      The parts about weaning/breastfeeding and baby-wearing rubbed me the wrong way, and I modified according to my maternal instincts, informed by Dr. Montessori's own writings on her studies.

      Otherwise the book is awesome!