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Monday, June 18, 2012

Adolescent Montessori Discussion Group - Erdkinder

With so much growth at the elementary level, we have more and more families looking to do Montessori at the adolescent ages at home as well. 

I am putting together a small online discussion group specifically for this age, with reading assignments on a suggested schedule, discussion topics and sharing of ideas and resources. Everything will be from a homeschool perspective, but classroom teachers are welcome and encouraged to join in as well. 

If you are part of our Keys of the Universe discussion board, you are already in! I will begin the official group June 21 in the adolescent section and Keys of the Universe participants have full access as part of their regular participation.

If you are not part of the Keys of the Universe discussion board, join us here:
Keys of the Universe Individual Album Support - Adolescent Montessori Discussion Group Access
One-time payment; life-time participation

We will begin June 21 in earnest; but join now so you're ready to go when I post the first discussion topic. 

The ideal participant:
  • you have a child age 10-16 right now, with or without elementary Montessori experience
  • you have an older child and would like to contribute from that perspective
  • you have Montessori adolescent experience
  • you have extensive other experience working with the adolescent group and you are familiar with Montessori principles; and want to apply those principles to the adolescent group
Anyone with any age child can be participate, but the earliest stages of this group will be better suited for someone in the field right now or very soon; or who has been there and can provide some insight, as we are going to share ideas, insights and develop resources as we go. 

If you are looking for something totally put together with all the answers handed to you - we're not there yet! This initial group is for those who want to explore and share, together. 

Goals - Main Topics:
  • establish foundation of understanding of the adolescent age
  • including their needs, tendencies; how to meet them
  • difference between societal expectations and reality of needs and tendencies
  • What if we provide all that Montessori suggested? What will happen?
  • Compare our own experiences and work through personal barriers. 
  • Establish the universal principles of an adolescent Montessori homeschool
  • Lend support to filling in the specifics for each individual home
  • Establish collection of resources for use by homeschooling families for this age

Already part of Keys of the Universe: no cost
Join separate from Keys of the Universe: $15 - permanent access

Outline of the discussion group is coming soon, but a general overview of each week follows: 

  • Reading assignment will be posted to the group
  • During your reading, note your reactions. 
  • For the next day or so, observe around you and consider your past experiences - how do your experience match or contradict the reading? 
  • Respond to the discussion board with whatever you are comfortable sharing. 
  • Also respond with how you might respond to what you have explored in the reading and reflection. 
  • Develop conversations on the adolescent age, such that we are working out the practical how-tos and what does it look like. 
Reading assignments: some will be posted on the group; and some will come from the book Childhood to Adolescence; other reading sources will be listed as soon as possible. You will want to purchase this book if at all possible. 

Come join us! 

See you there! 


  1. I am so glad I found this! Although we have are still somewhat deep in primary/elementary right now, my older two *elementary* kiddos are moving and catching up at a fast rate, and I am glad to be able to be more informed and able to plan ahead for the later years and know where I can have the montessori influence with our middle and high school years. Is there group still alive and well?

  2. The group is still available; quiet for now, but the readings are still available with a few more coming; discussion is still available as well.