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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Metal Insets for Writing

Our original "metal inset" material - actually made out of foam-board:

foam-board; blue pony beads attached with wires strung to the back
racks made by me

These have served us well, but we've received a "gift" of new metal insets and I'll be offering these for sale soon. They could use a touch of an exacto knife for some rough edges that have appeared over the years; and maybe some spots of foam sheets on the back of the blue pieces so they lay flatter (the wire is secured by a small foam sheet piece. I've added little pads here and there but they fall off.

I've had these for 7 years; through well over 50 children: daycare, tutoring, friends of my son's, children of my friends, homeschool.... The memories... not the first Montessori primary material I made, it was certainly the first truly intensive one. I still have some of the foamboard left over from these - I was going to make the geometric cabinet insets, but never did find the time. I finally just made those out of wood, and was able to purchase the cabinet by itself (2 weeks later, I figured out how I could have made the whole cabinet myself too!).

I'll have to see if I can find some of the design work that was done with these.

Just memories....


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