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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Montessori Trails - Blog Plans for 2016

As we start the New Year, I have organized some ideas for our family's Montessori Trails blog for the coming year. In no particular order:

Adolescent Montessori:
Legoboy is moving up in the world. He will be 12 in April and we are finishing up with elementary Montessori and moving into adolescent Montessori homeschooling. We began in infancy, so this is bittersweet for this mommy! The goal is to post weekly - Tuesdays, perhaps.

12 Months of Montessori:
While I am not officially a part of the series, several people have asked me for posts on the pertinent topic for each month throughout 2015. So the first Friday of each month will be dedicated to this year's related topics. 2016 List of Topics and 2015 List of Topics

Foster Family Friday:
The second Friday of each month will be dedicated to our foster family experiences. I will not be showing children's faces or revealing names, just our adventures as a changing family structure and our Montessori approach to this new situation. I may post more often, but that will the dedicated day.

Infant, Toddler, Primary, Elementary:
But we are not done with the younger ages! With the inclusion of foster children and continued tutoring, as well as plans to get our our homeschool co-op moving forward again, I will have plenty of our younger adventures to share as well. There is a soon-to-be 3 year old who is visiting weekly and I hope to have a weekly post on his adventures to highlight one child's particular journey exploring the keys of the world. Posting this area on the remaining Fridays of the month.
  • Infant and Toddler - A page with some posts listed and directly linked; a link for all posts labeled infant or toddler is also included. 
  • Primary - all posts tagged "Primary Montessori Homeschooling"
  • Elementary - all posts tagged "Elementary Montessori Homeschooling" (you can also click on the tags/labels in the left-hand column of any page on Montessori Trails - Upper Elementary and Lower Elementary have their own tags to differentiate the age of the children working. We see elementary as a continuum so the *materials* are the same across all 6 years of elementary - just that when a child gets to a particular material or experience is based on the individual needs and interests of that particular child).